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While architectural services can design virtually any building, our focus is on Department of Transportation and municipal projects. We design efficient buildings with practical designs that achieve the client’s vision, meet project requirements and stay well within budget.


Our design approach is to provide constructible and efficient solutions that are innovative, creative and thoughtful. We believe successful architecture is not imposing or predetermined in form; in fact, the most attractive structures are those that thoughtfully embrace and respond to the clients’ vision, surrounding built and natural environments, as well as local cultural and social influences. Each design solution is treated with utmost care, custom tailored to the project specific goals at hand.

Through the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) software, projects are fully coordinated in a virtual setting before a shovel ever hits the ground. This technology allows the project design team to utilize clash detection and provide various levels analysis for a given project at any given time, thus creating a more sound and integrated design solution including all building disciplines. This technology also simplifies development of coordinated record documents based on contractor as-builts. This software technology and holistic design approach is part of the basic services we provide with no additional cost to our clients.

WGI architectural staff experience includes a diverse range of project types in Transportation, Manufacturing, Commercial, Industrial, Healthcare, and Educational facilities.