Awesome Associates – Julian Gomez, Engineer Intern (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

Meet our Awesome Associate Julian Gomez, an Engineer Intern from our Fort Lauderdale, Florida office.
AA Julian G

Tell us a little bit about where you’re from and where you went to school:

I was born in Colombia but raised in Florida! I went to school at Florida International University in Miami.


What drew you to this profession?

I always wanted to be involved in creating and building the places around me. Math and physics came naturally to me so I was originally drawn to civil engineering. I then became attracted to the challenge of structural engineering and being involved with the construction of bridges.

What types of projects have you worked on?

Most of the bridges I work on are part of a larger transportation project. It is exciting and fulfilling to have worked on the highway right next to the high school I went to in Miami. This particular bridge in the photo was part of the HEFT project from SR 836 to NW 106th Street. It was satisfying to work on a bridge that I have driven over and under in the past when I was on my way to school or soccer practice.


What do you like to do in your free time?

My favorite thing to do in my free time is exercise, whether I am playing sports or lifting weights at the gym! I also enjoy spending time with my family and gathering with friends to share a meal.


Have you read any good books lately?

Faith is a huge part of my life! I love to read books on Christian theology and biographies of missionaries who have impacted the world.

What does your ideal vacation look like?

It’s more about the people that are with me than the place! My ideal vacation is somewhere I can disconnect from all the noise. My favorite vacations are winter vacations with the family where we rent a cabin.

What was your first job?

My first job was selling phones at a Boost Mobile. While in college I sold phones, clothes, and watches to build some essential skills and make some cash.

When I’m creatively stuck, I…

I need to get out of the office or house. It helps me tremendously to clear my mind by going on a short trip. I love taking trips to Orlando to visit my siblings and visit the freshwater springs in Central Florida.

What would be impossible for you to give up?

My faith in Christ of course! But I would have such a hard time giving up rice! I grew up eating rice ALL the time – we had it for every meal.

Who or what inspires you?

My biggest motivation stems from my relationship with God through Jesus Christ. I am convicted about doing things to the best of my ability no matter how small the task is. My perspective when it comes to work and service is to do it faithfully as unto God.

Everyone at WGI has a story about why they joined the team. What’s yours?

I was introduced to WGI by a recruiter. WGI has earned my respect as a company for its commitment to high-quality work and the vision for leveraging technology. There is always a desire to be better and I share those values. Equally important is the people I get to do what I love every day with. The people at WGI are motivated to do great work and encourage one another to improve.

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