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It takes creativity to build in-house creative services for an engineering firm

February 8 2018 / Press Release / By WGI Creative

Once again, the Zweig Group has honored WGI Creative Services in its annual Marketing Excellence Awards. This year, WGI Creative won first place in both the categories Integrated Marketing and Proposal Presentation.

Bryan Peterson, the Director of WGI Creative Services, also led a breakout session entitled “How WGI Built a Billable Marketing Function in Our Engineering Firm.”  It was a huge success and lasted well beyond the allotted time, especially the Q&A segment.

Peterson has an unusual background in the industry because he’s not an engineer. He’s a 30-year veteran in marketing and advertising, so he brings an outsider’s perspective, which has been a key to the success of WGI Creative Services.

“Building an in-house marketing department for an engineering firm is way different than building an ad agency from the ground up,” says Peterson, a graphic artist, art director, and illustrator. “We not only provide marketing for our in-house clients but also promote our services to outside clients. Those two audiences are as different as night and day.”

Creative Services started by rebranding WGI and redesigning everything from the company website to the graphics on company vehicles. Existing subcontractors noticed and wanted that same level of creativity and continuity for their businesses.

Creative Services grew slowly and carefully at first. The growth came about in several ways. WGI’s other departments cross-promoted Creative Services when pitching new projects, resulting in creative work for signage, videos and more. Networking and social media were also used to promote the department.

Four years later, the Creative staff has more than tripled to 16, the list of outside clients has expanded, and Creative Services produces, even more, work for WGI because the company has grown by leaps and bounds.

So how does Creative Services keep its staff motivated?

“We only hire smart, passionate people,” says Peterson. “Our department is a good mix of recent college graduates and creative veterans. Everyone is empowered, knowledge is shared, and all ideas are respected. I don’t micro-manage. I give creative people the space to create, and the results have been phenomenal.”

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WGI Creative is unique because of our people. They are extremely passionate and that passion carries over to each and every client. We love, live, and breathe creative 25/7.

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