Daily Designer Podcast Episode 3, Courtney Powell, Urban and Community Planning Manager

For our third episode of the Daily Designer Podcast, we get to know Courtney Powell, WGI’s Urban and Community Planning Manager based out of Arlington, VA!
Courtney Powell, Daily Designer Podcast Episode 3
In the third episode of the Daily Designer Podcast, we sat down with Courtney Powell, WGI’s Urban and Community Planning Manager, based out of our Arlington, VA office. In her role, Courtney finds herself helping to expand WGI’s regional presence while also leading our public work initiatives. From a young age, it was apparent to Courtney that her love of cities would help drive her to become a diligent & effective planning professional. In our conversation, Courtney broke down her experiences growing up in various states and countries and shared how they gave her a rounded understanding of what makes each city distinct & special.
Courtney Powell and team
Courtney (far right) and some of her WGI teammates at the 2023 National ACEC Engineering Excellence Awards Gala in Washington, D.C., where our team accepted the Honor Award. This award was the third recognition awarded to the Wekiva Parkway Section 6 project and the 29th award received by WGI for a design-build transportation project!
In regards to Courtney’s journey through the world of planning, she first found herself kicking off her career in the public sector, where she learned the systems in place to guide development from start to finish. Later in her career, Courtney decided to shift her focus, trying her hand in the private sector as a planner with WGI. A few short years later, life events required Courtney’s relocation to Greenville, SC, where her skillset and professionalism helped her grow into the role of Planning Administrator for a short time with another firm. However, Courtney eventually found her way to Arlington, VA, where circumstance and luck once again brought her back to the WGI team! But this episode of the Daily Designer goes beyond the norm, breaking down some of the lessons & passions that Courtney has picked up throughout her career, as well as how her experiences working in both the public and private sectors have helped shape her perfectly for the position she finds herself in today. Courtney Powell, Daily Designer podcast episode 3 If you’re interested in hearing what makes cities so wonderful straight from the mouth of an experienced Urban and Community Planner, plus a couple of interesting stories along the way, then be sure to listen to episode three of the Daily Designer NOW!

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