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Engineering Companies in Florida

Engineering is a very important aspect of property development and construction. Professionals in this field provide assistance on all aspects of construction from landscape development to final inspection.

WGI is one of the best engineering companies in Florida and has been involved in a number of different projects over the years. We have worked with government organizations, private institutions, and property developers on projects of different scales. If you want to know about our team or services, don’t hesitate to call us on 866 909 2220 or contact us through this form.

What Kind of Services to Civil Engineering Companies in Florida Offer?

We assist with every aspect of construction and ensure projects remain on track during the process. Our team of skilled engineers specializes in a wide array of fields and will handle:

Planning – The planning process is complicated because it lays the foundation for the rest of the project. During this process, we assess the quality and suitability of the land, determine the environmental impact of the project, seek permits, do a budget analysis, etc. We make sure the planning is detailed and comprehensive so you don’t face problems down the line.

Design – Once the planning is done, we move on to design. Our team takes all client requirements into consideration before creating a detailed model of the building. We make sure the design is unique, structurally sound, feasible, and can be made within the client’s stipulated budget. The design process is long and our team maintains regular communication with clients throughout it. Our goal is to keep everyone involved in the project on the same page during the design process.

BuildingThe building process should be handled properly because execution is the key to success. If the plans and designs aren’t implemented well, the end result won’t be satisfactory. As one of the best civil engineering companies in Florida, we make sure the construction is carried out smoothly and remains on schedule. Our team is well-equipped to handle problems and keep projects on track.

Construction Inspections – Inspections are carried out at different stages of every project to ensure there are no problems. We make sure these inspections are thorough and done according to the requirements of local code. Once the project is complete, we carry out a final inspection to ensure it is structurally sound.

This process is flexible and changes based on the nature of the project. As an experienced team, we know what engineers must do to complete construction successfully.

Types of Projects

We can handle different kinds of projects, including civil, structural, transportation, water resources, land development, municipal development, and other such projects. Our team has worked with private sector clients, government organizations, financial institutions, and other such entities since 1972. WGI has the skill, manpower, equipment, and experience needed to handle projects of different scales and sizes easily.

We have delivered excellent results over the years and are considered one of the most reliable engineering companies in Florida. If you’re looking for excellent services and unparalleled customer support, we are the right choice.