Robin Petzold | WGI

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With so many disciplines under one roof at WGI, organization is key. Within the realm of surveying that responsibility falls on Robin Petzold. Over the course of more than 30 years, the Senior Executive Vice President has become a trusted expert in everything from global positioning to high-definition laser scanning. Even so, Petzold routinely rounds up someone else to be in charge of each new surveying project.

“When you have as many disciplines as WGI, one person can’t know them all at the highest level,” he says, “so we identify a champion in each arena, and put the very best person in charge.”

That frees up Petzold to keep his finger on the pulse of the industry and watch for trends that will enable WGI to provide even better client service. When a new technology emerges, he assigns an associate to become the authority on it. Petzold believes if you’re not making dust, your eating it. It’s a philosophy embraced throughout WGI.

“We won’t compromise quality,” he says. “I tell our associates that quality and scheduling are paramount. Deliver on the first two, and the fee will fall into place.”

Petzold is just as focused on quality away from the office, especially when pursuing his passion of showing Arabian horses. His horses have won countless regional and national championships, enough to make any equestrian proud.