Parking Solutions

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Our origins in parking go back to 1983 when our Parking Solutions Division was known as Carl Walker, Inc. Today, the Division offers a wide range of parking solutions such as structural engineering and functional design, master planning, feasibility and financial studies, architecture, design-build, restoration and preservation, and technical assessment.


Design-Build is a project delivery method designed to minimize project risks for the client and expedite the delivery schedule by overlapping the design, permitting, and construction phases of a project. This delivery method provides the client with a single point of contact for both the design and construction phases and combines the expertise of both design and construction professionals in a collaborative environment.

Due to the numerous benefits, this method is gaining wide acceptance in the design and restoration profession. WGI’s Parking Solutions Division has embraced the design-build philosophy and, with an innovative approach to projects, has been very successful in teaming with contractors to provide clients with award-winning projects in the parking industry over the past several years. With WGI’s creativity and technical expertise, we are an asset to any team.

Our design-build parking services include designing new standalone parking facilities or mixed-use buildings, expanding existing facilities, and restoration of existing facilities including building envelope repairs such as roofs, plazas, and façade systems.