Parking Solutions

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Our origins in parking go back to 1983 when our Parking Solutions Division was known as Carl Walker, Inc. Today, the Division offers a wide range of parking solutions such as structural engineering and functional design, master planning, feasibility and financial studies, architecture, design-build, restoration and preservation, and technical assessment.


Our approach to healthcare solutions is an integration of our nationwide parking expertise and knowledge of healthcare parking nuances. Our goal is to provide the optimal balance within parking facilities for patients, physicians, staff, and visitors while taking into consideration service and ambulance access requirements. We focus on providing a positive patient experience, meeting operational needs, and building in flexibility for future development. Collectively, our team brings extensive experience in the healthcare industry that ranges from master planning to operations and design through maintenance.

With the understanding that parking is the patient’s first and last experience, we have made it our mission to implement solutions that create a high level of service. From the implementation of automated valet systems to research and development of emerging technology, we develop project solutions to fit the needs of our partners. These solutions are designed to enhance the patient’s experience during their journey through a hospital or campus.

Our healthcare parking services include strategically allocating parking, designing a new parking facility, optimizing the parking operation, expanding an existing facility, restoring a facility through a façade replacement, and maintaining facilities through structural assessments and repairs.