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Our origins in parking go back to 1983 when our Parking Solutions Division was known as Carl Walker, Inc. Today, the Division offers a wide range of parking solutions such as structural engineering and functional design, master planning, feasibility and financial studies, architecture, design-build, restoration and preservation, and technical assessment.


Planning is a critical component in the resurgence of many downtown areas. Surface parking lots, long seen as an inexpensive way to handle parking, are thankfully giving way to infill development as businesses and residents repopulate city centers. As new developments are considered, the evaluation of parking, transit, and other alternative means of travel will be an important element in the planning process. Too much or too little parking can have negative consequences, and WGI’s Parking Solutions Division can help you find the “just right” solution.

Downtown parking continues to be transformed as the 1970’s plain box concrete structures make way for new mixed-use development buildings. Attractive facades and a focus on the pedestrian experience are now priorities of many downtown planners. Integration of street-level retail space is now common, and its success is often related to design flexibility that accommodates multiple tenant uses, building services, waterproofing, noise, and vibration. Mixed-use projects that integrate parking with office, hotel, or residential uses are generally developed by the private sector; although many municipalities will often participate by partnering with developers to provide public parking within the development. WGI’s Parking Solutions Division can help municipalities and their development partners through each phase of the planning, design, and implementation process.