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Broward and Palm Beach Counties, FL

This Design-Build project involved the realignment of Dixie Highway from south of Hillsboro Boulevard in Broward County to north of the Hillsboro Canal in Palm Beach County, a stretch of highway about 0.75 miles long. The realignment affected the Dixie Highway bridges, the Hillsboro Canal, the Florida East Coast Railway, and numerous roads.

To obtain the necessary permits for various agencies and departments related to its environmental impact, WGI’s environmental consulting services were provided, including terrestrial and aquatic endangered species surveys. Wetland delineations for both the Broward County and Palm Beach County sides of the project, as well as a Submerged Aquatic Resource survey were also performed. In addition, permits for minor mangrove impacts and the relocation of oyster beds out of the proposed dredging area were obtained.

The Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, National Marine Fisheries Service, and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service were consulted during the permitting phase in relation to the potential impacts to the Florida manatee, small-toothed sawfish, and multiple sea turtle species.