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Jewish Federation of South Palm Guardhouse and Entrance Redevelopment

West Palm Beach, Florida

The replacement guardhouse and entrance redevelopment was designed to meet the expanding security and traffic demand needs of the Jewish Federation of South Palm on their existing campus, and will be phased to allow for a fully functional site for the entire duration of construction. The building is designed to accommodate both incoming and outgoing traffic with easy wayfinding in and around the newly developed area. The large cantilevered overhang extends to both sides of the building, creating a distinct visual icon for the campus entrance, as well as serving as the primary architectural element to protect security guards and guests from inclement weather. Two rectilinear volumes dynamically intersect at the guard station space within the building to create a comfortable and attractive double height interior volume. Also included in the guardhouse building is a kitchenette & break area, single restroom, data closet and coat closet. The entire building and entrance redevelopment area is designed to meet ADA guidelines for accessibility. Security for the guards is enhanced with abundant lighting around the new guardhouse building and bullet resistant paneling at the exterior walls.