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Palm Beach Island, FL

The Society of the Four Arts located on Palm Beach Island offers a unique and quality cultural program to the resort community of Palm Beach. The campus is home to beautiful sculptures and botanical gardens, a library and children’s library, and a state-of-the art educational facility. Each season, the Four Arts offers a dynamic lineup of cultural programing, including notable speakers, concerts, films, educational programs, and art exhibitions. During the peak season there is a shortage of parking to support the patrons attending the programs. WGI worked closely with the client and contractor to develop an innovative solution to help alleviate the parking issues. The solution entailed modifications to the site to implement a stabilized sod parking area on the existing green mall area in the center of the campus, formerly utilized for valet purposes only during peak season. This innovative solution alleviates the parking issues while maintaining the beauty of the existing mall space. The landscape team at WGI worked with the client from initial concept through final construction documents to develop a strategy that would not only provide the parking needed but also maintain the aesthetics of the existing mall area. The Society of the Four Arts has extensive botanical demonstration gardens that illustrate different styles of landscaping and provide information on different types of planting that are visited by thousands of people each year. The aesthetic experience for patrons of the facility was the most important aspect of the project to the client so WGI was tasked with developing a solution that would maintain the beauty of the facility. Extensive research was performed to determine the best possible option and the team decided to use the Grasspave2 system which provides a stabilized surface for valet parking. The final design maintains the beautiful open lawn area and all of the existing Royal Palms were preserved.