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Public Entities

public entities

Public officials and agencies are entrusted with providing functional and cost-effective improvements that meet the needs of many, yet are also aesthetically pleasing and environmentally conscious. WGI has a long history of service to the public sector, from municipalities and counties to state-wide departments and federal agencies.

Working to understand our clients’ goals, WGI develops solutions that consider all of the issues affecting a project’s success. We work closely with our clients to reach consensus and resolution regarding critical decisions that might otherwise impede progress. Additionally, WGI actively encourages the input of all the necessary stakeholders to ensure that end users’ interests are considered and protected.

From commencement to completion, WGI provides innovative project solutions to our public clients, while meeting the needs of the community at large.

  • Cities/Municipal
  • Counties
  • State
  • Federal/Military
  • Education/Institutions
  • Aviation/Airports