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Evaluation Services

On-site reviews are performed to understand and document the current condition of a structure and to assess the severity and cause of known distress or deficiencies. Our team of dedicated Restoration Specialists brings their depth of experience to each job and utilizes a variety of destructive and non-destructive testing methods in their approach to evaluate a structure.

Condition Assessment

Properly evaluating a structure to determine the location, extent and cause of distress and/or deterioration in the structural and waterproofing systems is essential to developing an effective repair and maintenance plan. The Evaluation/Condition Assessment includes visual and hands-on review of a structure and its components. Recommendations for repair, as well as the associated opinion of probable construction cost, are presented to the Owner to allow for the development of a budget and potential phasing plan.

Facade/Building Envelope Survey

Building facades, whether historic or modern, are constructed of a variety of components and materials. The key to evaluating their performance is understanding the behavior of the materials, their deterioration mechanisms, and water management. The evaluation of the building envelope may include review from suspended scaffolding, or a man-lift, and/or excavations to review concealed conditions.

Plaza Leaking/Waterproofing Review

Water is the single most destructive force on the built environment. Our Restoration professionals evaluate the condition of existing waterproofing systems and components, identify sources of leaking, and develop recommendations for maintenance, repair and/or remediation.

Forensic Investigation

Forensic services include the investigation of failure mechanisms and documentation of deficiencies in construction, as well as development of repair recommendations to provide for proper remediation.

Structural Analysis

Structural analysis can be performed to assess the capacity of existing structures or structural members for increases in loading related to change of use and alterations, compliance with building codes, or where physical damage has occurred.