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Restoration & Preservation Engineering

WGI provides a full range of engineering services for the restoration and preservation of existing structures including construction document preparation, bidding, and construction administration. With a goal of providing durable, and practical, repair solutions our approach to any project starts with understanding the goals, priorities, and challenges of our Clients in order to minimize disruption and maximize returns.


Repairs to existing structures must address deficiencies, respect existing building aesthetics, and be durable for the long-term while working within the limitations of the existing structure. In most cases, repairs are performed while the building remains in service requiring careful coordination of construction operations.
Leak Mitigation, Rooftop Parking & Green Roof Leaks
Identifying and repairing sources of leaking, and maintaining waterproofing components in good condition can protect building components and structural members from deterioration and corrosion damage, prevent costly damage to interior finishes, and avoid disruption of tenants. Carl Walker specializes in repairing rooftop parking leaks as well as green roof leaks.

Corrosion Protection

Corrosion protection planning is integral to the long-term maintenance and repair strategy and may include products such as corrosion inhibitors, cathodic protection, or coatings/sealers. Implementation of an appropriate corrosion protection system can provide a cost-effective means by which to extend the service life of a structure, or repairs, and reduce future maintenance needs.

Building Envelope

The building envelope provides protection against the exterior environment and acts as the “face” of the building to the outside world.Repair and maintenance of this critical building system requires careful detailing to provide the necessary protection while still respecting the building aesthetics, particularly where historic preservation is a priority.

Structural Strengthening and Adaptive Re-use

Structural strengthening can be used to restore the capacity of damaged or deteriorated structural members or provide additional capacity to support a change in use. Often, low-profile options, such as carbon fiber strengthening, can be utilized to simplify installation in congested areas and maintain clearances.