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Restoration & Preservation Program Development

An effective Repair and Preservation program must do more than just address the repair needs of the building or structure. It must also be balanced with the desired service life, as well as fit within budgetary and operational constraints.

Capital Improvement Plan Development

Balancing the competing needs of maintenance of the structure with financial and operational limitations presents a challenge for building Owners and Managers. Using a prioritized approach, necessary work can be scheduled as a single large project, or a series of smaller projects over a period of time, to maintain the building in a safe operating condition with the least impact on tenants and financial performance.

Life Cycle Cost Analysis

Lifecycle cost analysis presents a comparison of the cumulative costs of various repair and maintenance options for a structure over its remaining service life. It can be used to determine the most cost-effective maintenance plan or assess the long-term viability of an asset versus replacement.

Maintenance Manual Preparation

The development of a Preventive Maintenance plan elongates the service life of the structure. The intent is to minimize future major repairs by identifying and scheduling ongoing repairs and protective waterproofing.

Due Diligence Review

Due diligence review provides a greater understanding of the condition and maintenance needs of a building prior to purchase. Information gathered can be used to prepare a multi-year projection of repair and maintenance costs to supplement the portfolio analysis and assist in negotiating the sale.

Public Private Partnerships

Public Private Partnerships (P3s) are an emerging trend in the leasing and operation of large public parking assets in the US market. Carl Walker, Inc. has been involved in numerous P3s, including on the buy-side of the for a competing team on the first P3 for the City of Chicago Park District. Our experience in due diligence reporting, repair and maintenance program development, as well as our ability to perform financial and operational analysis through our Studies and Operations group makes us well-suited to assist buyers, as well as sellers, in assessing P3 opportunities.