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Social Media for AEC Firms

By Madeline Szwed, Social Media Specialist

WGI uses social media to engage and create a conversation with our audience, build thought leadership, drive viewers to our website, generate leads – and build our brand as we grow our reach.

Which Social Media platforms do we use?

WGI works diligently to establish and maintain its presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. LinkedIn is the social media platform where we get the most engagement from our employees, our clients, and others in the industry. Because we receive twice as many interactions on LinkedIn postings than we do through other social channels, we encourage our employees to create a LinkedIn profile and build up their presence.


WGI’s social media content consists of company news, thought leadership, company culture, community outreach activities, and employee highlights.

Through research and our own experience, we learned early on that social media posts with images and video attract considerably more engagement than posts without. That is why we make sure to include an image in every post that we publish and plan to incorporate video use to further our 2019 marketing efforts.

Goals for WGI’s Social Media

This year, we focused on promoting thought leadership and turning our employees into brand ambassadors. Our plan is to use social media to give the professionals at WGI another outlet to share their insight.

We focus less on selling our services on social media and more on educating our audience by giving our thought leaders the opportunity to shine. By offering our expertise to the industry through the writings of insightful associates, we establish and build relations with clients and potential new hires.

Social Media tips for your own AEC firm:

Make a plan: Decide which social platforms your company should use, set goals, identify your target audience, and focus on the kind of content that will best reach them.

Post consistently: Try to post daily or at least a few times a week. Gaps in posting or inconsistently active social media profiles can lead to a drop in your online credibility.

Make your posts engaging and conversational: While you want to maintain professionalism and keep your brand’s tone, keep in mind that social media should be “social.”

Monitor trending topics: By keeping up-to-date with what the rest of the world is sharing on social media, you can maximize the number of people reached by creating a post in relation to the trending topic.

Answer questions in comments: Social media should be used as a tool to create a conversation — and a conversation is a two-way street. Answer questions and comments on your social postings to create a conversation and show your followers that your social platforms are run by real, knowledgeable individuals.

Review your analytics: To see what is working (and what is not) when using social media, check your analytics to see what content gets the most engagement. By staying on top of your social analytics, you can maximize the time put into your posts. Rather than repeating a similar post to one that performed poorly, you can spend your time creating a new idea or following the path of a post that received more engagement.

Talk to your employees: Your employees can be your biggest fans and advocates on your company social platforms. Ask them what they want to see and what they would be likely to share to their personal social profiles. You will receive more engagement from content that is shared by multiple employees, helping you to reach a totally new audience.

Create a schedule: Create weekly and monthly campaigns that keep your audience coming back for more. Every day, there is a new opportunity to capture a trending topic. Conversely, keeping a structured weekly post schedule allows your audience to anticipate the next installment of the campaign you are promoting.

Social media should be a core component of your overall marketing and business development strategy going into 2019. With great content marketing, you can generate leads, build your online presence, and get your clients engaging with your firm.




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Madeline Szwed, Social Media Specialist

Madeline Szwed is a social media specialist for WGI Creative Services, a division of WGI, with five years of experience in social media and digital marketing. Her work includes developing WGI’s brand awareness and online reputation through social media. Madeline is a modern-day storyteller and content cultivator with a creative mindset.


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