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Financial Studies

The ultimate success or failure of any parking program will depend on the resources allocated to it. All other planning efforts will likely fail without a plan that addresses the financial implications of each new or sustained strategy. The development of a financial plan will help ensure all appropriate budgetary needs are adequately addressed, proposed system improvements are financially viable, and sufficient time is provided to make adjustments when necessary.

WGI has completed a wide range of financial studies for clients throughout North America. Previous projects include financial feasibility studies for new parking structures or technology improvements, parking rate/fee studies, parking-system financial assessments, parking investment/divestment analyses, cost projections for system improvements, revenue and expense projections, and many others. As with all of our projects, WGI leverages our extensive experience in parking operations and management, as well as our sensitivity to community needs and concerns, to develop financial-related recommendations that enable our clients to make well-informed decisions.