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Parking Master Planning

A parking master plan can provide the data and alternatives analyses necessary for determining system needs no matter your supply/demand situation. Being driven primarily by quantifiable parking-related data and assumptions about future demand generators, a parking master plan could help support your decisions to add parking spaces, adjust operational strategies, improve overall system management, and/or quell community concerns about perceived parking shortages.

WGI has completed parking master planning projects in a variety of environments including municipalities, universities, hospitals, airports, and large commercial developments. Each project includes a detailed analysis of on-street and off-street market conditions including parking supply and demand, operational methodologies, system management, signage and wayfinding, zoning, and current parking-related policies and procedures. Our process also includes a significant amount of community involvement through steering committees, stakeholder group meetings, individual meetings, and general public input sessions. The result is a pragmatic parking plan that incorporates industry best practices customized to address community needs.