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Technical Assessments and Studies

Next to your facilities, the only daily interaction many of your customers may have with your organization is through the technologies you employ. Whether it’s monthly customers entering and exiting your facilities via access cards or Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) tags or transient customers using automatic pay stations, the technologies you use will significantly impact customer experiences. Therefore, it’s vital that you chose your parking access and revenue control systems (PARCS) wisely, adequately maintain your equipment, and ensure your staff knows how to use the systems to their greatest potential.

WGI can assist with every step of the PARCS assessment and implementation process. We’ve completed many technology-related projects across North America such as needs assessments, alternatives analyses, assessments of current systems, RFQ and RFP processes, cost estimating, financial feasibility studies, implementation plans, and technology-related market assessments. Proper planning will help ensure the systems you purchase meet the needs of your customers for years to come.

Technical Assessments and Studies