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WGI Unleashed Podcast Episode 17 – Eddie Gaytan, National SUE Field QC/Project Delivery Manager

Welcome back to WGI Unleashed! In this episode, we have the privilege of sitting down with Eddie Gaytan, WGI’s Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) Project Delivery Manager in the Chicago office. Eddie serves with our Geospatial Division and brings a special technical expertise to the pursuit of surveying of underground utilities and structures. 

Eddie discusses with us his passion for surveying, the built environment, and using all the innovative tools of his trade to develop accurate and reliable mapping data. In fact, Eddie championed the introduction of a new excavation technology to improve WGI’s existing fleet, which contributed to more efficient survey trips and safer work environments for his teams. 

We also discuss with Eddie his love for Chicago and his favorite sports teams, as well as his family. He provides insight into his hobbies and his free time, which can be just as technically focused as his occupation. 

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Eddie Gaytan

National SUE Field QA/Project Delivery Manager

Eddie has over 23 years of experience in managing all aspects of subsurface utility engineering (SUE) services including, planning coordination, field operations, project management, safety, and quality control. Eddie typically oversees and manages ASCE 38-02 quality levels A-D risks including project planning, field deployment, existing information assessment, and technology tools required to successfully execute utility designating and locating assignments.


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