Parking Solutions

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Our origins in parking go back to 1983 when our Parking Solutions Division was known as Carl Walker, Inc. Today, the Division offers a wide range of parking solutions such as structural engineering and functional design, master planning, feasibility and financial studies, architecture, design-build, restoration and preservation, and technical assessment.

Whether in a city center, the office, university, hospital, airport, or at an event, you want to get where you are going without inconvenience, interruptions, and lost time. Our planners specialize in solving problems and providing successful solutions for real-world applications.

Parking is as much an art as it is a science. As experienced parking consultants, we intelligently balance aesthetics, functionality, durability, and cost for maximum benefit to the owner, the user, and the environment.

Our group of restoration specialists is knowledgeable and experienced in the evaluation and repair of a variety of structures, including building façades/enclosures, supported plaza systems, tunnels, bridges, stadiums, and much more.