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Palm Beach Yacht Club Breakwater

Construction Update

The Palm Beach Yacht Club is a very unique marina that features multiple facilities including a restaurant and corporate offices on the Intracoastal Waterway. The Club was chartered in 1911 and is currently the oldest business establishment in West Palm Beach. The existing breakwater was installed to protect the boats moored at the Yacht Club Marina, but it has deteriorated beyond its usable life span. Breakwater system materials are installed while surrounded by water and must dissipate forces without stopping the water flow completely, unlike seawalls.

WGI developed a unique solution to this problem by installing custom prestressed concrete king piles with keyways that allow the concrete sheet panels to fit between the piles, securing the panels without fixing them to the concrete cap. This approach allows the water to flow through the sheet panels while stopping the wave forces from reaching the boats. WGI also utilized high strength concrete and galvanized reinforcing to extend the life of the new breakwater.

The contractor is driving piles and casting the breakwater in sections to allow his barge to act as a breakwater and protect the yacht club boats while the existing breakwater is being removed. The project is approximately 50% complete and is expected to be completed in June of 2019.

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