What is a Site Plan Exemption in the City of Austin?

In the City of Austin, site plan exemptions give small projects that do not have an existing site plan on file an expedited pathway to permit the project.
Site Plan Exemption Austin

In the City of Austin, site plan exemptions give small projects that do not have an existing site plan on file an expedited pathway to permit the project and will save considerable time if the option is available. The use of a site plan exemption application is limited to specific site development conditions that your land development team should verify early in the planning process.  Common applications for a site plan exemption include changes to a site layout, making a change for the use of a building, updating the parking layout for a site, or providing a new/changed utility service connection to a site.

A good rule of thumb when considering a site plan exemption is the size of your development. If you’re proposing ≤1,000 SF of site improvements and your limits of construction are ≤3,000 SF, there’s a good chance a site plan exemption will work for your project. Your land development team should utilize Section 25-5-2 of the Land Development Code to determine if your project meets additional requirements for permitting a site plan exemption.

In the case that a site plan exemption is sufficient for your development, your team should then prepare the Site Plan Exemption Request Process and Form.

You can submit the Site Plan Exemption to the Development Assistance Center located on the first floor of the One Texas Center at 505 Barton Springs Road. After you submit the application, expect an average of 14 days to hear back from review staff. Fees are due once the site plan exemption has been granted approval.

For more information about whether your project qualifies for these exceptions, or how to submit a site plan exemption, contact WGI.

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