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Airport Parking Technology Trends

From tech-driven solutions to EV charging strategies, airports are revamping parking solutions using cutting-edge technologies to make your next traveling experience a breeze.

A Guide to Adaptive Government: Preparing for Disruption

With disruption now the norm rather than the exception, governments need to rethink business as usual & prepare for business as disrupted. Government executives & managers should plan for continuous disruption & for how their agencies & departments will operate under continuous turbulence & change.

The Continuing Evolution of Complete Streets

As we celebrate the 20th anniversary of ‘Complete Streets,’ we give you an exclusive look into the key trends and influencing factors that are shaping the future of this innovative movement!

From The Landfill To The Landscape

By simply sourcing & leveraging reusable materials, we can develop a new era of incredible buildings & landscapes without the reliance on ever-dwindling natural resources.

How Much Parking Do You Need?

Parking minimums have long been a point of contention for developers. And with every community presenting unique challenges & opportunities, we’re here to help ensure that you have just the right amount of parking to meet your needs – no more, no less.

The Truck Stops Here

Allow us to introduce to you the upcoming era of rest areas that are easily accessible, environmentally sustainable, and updated to meet modern standards.

Complete Streets +

A well-designed Complete Streets + plan caters to the needs of various individuals, such as transit users, pedestrians, drivers, micro-mobility users, and ridesharing participants, ensuring that everyone is accommodated.

Not Your College Dorm

As the cost of urban living continues to rise, there is a significant resurgence in co-living spaces, providing an affordable sanctuary for urban residents.

Promoting Mobility with Technology

Welcome to the future of mobility with Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) – This cutting-edge technology promises to revolutionize transportation, improve safety, reduce congestion, and transform the way we move!

The Adaptive City: 3 Steps to Achieving the Smart City of the Future

The Adaptive City offers a new vision of how cities can thrive and adapt to changing dynamics. In this article, WGI experts explore the successes and failures of the built environment’s digital transformation, why the Smart City concept is necessary, and 3 steps for achieving the Adaptive City of the future!

6 Best Practices to Develop a Corporate Use Policy for Generative AI

Breaking new ground in the world of technology, generative AI is a cutting-edge field that’s rapidly evolving. With seemingly endless possibilities, the potential for its future is thrilling. However, it’s critical to approach this innovative technology with caution, mindfulness, and integrity to build models that are equitable, responsible, and ethical.

Shelter From the Storm

Storm shelters come in all forms. Some are stand-alone structures while others are designated rooms within a building or complex.

Helping Make America’s Roads and Highways Smarter

This is an extraordinarily exciting time for smart transportation infrastructure. We are on the cusp of the ITS age of roadway and highway operations — poised to dramatically improve both, making them safer and reducing congestion. 

GNSS Receivers for SUE Collections

Discover how incorporating GNSS receivers into traditional survey work can offer a multitude of significant benefits, including cost savings, reduced labor hours, and higher-quality spatial data.

parking outside the box

Thinking Outside The (Big) Box

Discover how big-box retailers and others can become flexible when facing parking challenges in today’s rapidly changing environment.


Scenario Planning

Discover what scenario planning means for everyone involved in community design, infrastructure, and sustainable development.

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