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parking Restoration

Are you a property owner or manager and need help with restoring, maintaining, or repairing your parking facility?

WGI’s restoration experts specialize in identifying problems, developing cost-effective and durable solutions, and assisting in the implementation of the repair and maintenance work. 

No matter the type of property, our highly skilled restoration team can help. We are experienced in the evaluation and restoration of a wide variety of structures, including: 

Riverside Plaza

Our Process


We will work closely with the owner to identify priorities, timeline, and budget for the project.


We will perform a detailed field evaluation of your property and provide a written report with recommended next steps and estimated costs.


We will prepare drawings, details, and specifications that clearly communicate the scope of the restoration work.


We will assist in the bidding, negotiation, and selection process. We will then perform construction administration and monitor the quality of the work.


A plan for routine and preventative maintenance is essential to maximizing the structure’s service life. We will help you create and implement this plan.

Our Services

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Andrew Kong

Senior Manager, Restoration


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Why Hire a Restoration Consultant?

Owners are strongly encouraged to utilize the specialty knowledge and experience of a restoration consultant to provide guidance through their facilities’ restoration process.


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