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WGI is the one-stop engineering firm in West Palm Beach for your next project. We have the experience, forward-thinking knowledge and strategies to take your dreams and make them into reality. Our engineering team at WGI West Palm Beach brings you the best in:

WGI is ready to take on your next project. We’ve invested for decades in the best that tech has to offer. Our innovative team of professionals has years of proven experience implementing designs, ensuring success with permits and preserving precious habitats and spaces important to the natural resources of West Palm Beach.

The Best in West Palm Beach Engineering

WGI handles every aspect of your project from start to finish. Ranked in the South Florida Business Journal’s Top Engineering Firms list and listed in the Top 200 Design Firms in 2020 by ENR, WGI has built a name off of excellent work and top-notch customer service. Municipalities and developers partner with WGI to deliver award-winning civic projects for the public. Our work can be found across West Palm Beach, South Florida, and across the Sunshine State. Contact us today to work with WGI on your next project! You’ll find our influence in the following areas in and around West Palm Beach:

Parks: Connecting families and friends to nature and the beauty of the city.
Sports Facilities: Successful sports facilities balance the needs of the operators with those of the athletes and spectators
Public Infrastructure: The lifeblood of a city. Growing communities deserve developing technologies. WGI has it all when it comes to forward-thinking tech solutions.

West Palm Beach Team

John Abbott

Director, Environmental Services

Idalia Adams

Accounting Manager

Michael Almonte

Survey Technician

Jason Alvarez

Area Manager - Emerging Technologies

Byron Anderson

Facilities Coordinator

Jacquelyn Arreaga

Senior Engineer Intern

Andrew Atkinson

Junior Instrument Operator

Connor Bailey


Matthew Barnes

Senior Project Manager

Alberto Barnhart

Field Crew Chief

Clarence BeLue

Rod Person

Jeffrey Bergmann

Director, Specialty Structures

Martha Bergweiler

Team Leader – Proposal Coordinators

Angela Biagi

Director, Urban and Community Planning

Martha Blumel

Creative Services Manager

Alan Boaz

Senior Utility Coordinator

Emily Bolinsky

Marketing Traffic Manager

Alex Boyer

Senior Engineer

Karen Brienza

Administrative Assistant

Jeff Brophy


Erik Brueningsen

Director, Utility Services

Craig Burkhardt

Senior Designer

Blake Bussard


Shelby Caldaro

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Gabriel Castellano

Junior Instrument Operator

Roosevelt Castillo


John Cerreta

Senior Project Manager

Cory Chapman

SUE Field Technician

Christa Cherry

Environmental Scientist

Stephen Cherry

Director, Municipal Services

Silvana Coronado

Proposal Production Manager

Claudio Costa

Project Engineer

Andrew Crozier

Urban Designer

Jermille Davis

Instrument Operator

Brandon Davis

Field Crew Chief

William Davis


Michael Davis

SVP, Chief Strategy Officer

Dan DeBellis


Armando Del Pozo

Senior Designer

Hector Del Toro Rivera

Junior Instrument Operator

Tim DeLand

Senior Project Manager

Dante Dillon

Instrument Operator

Keiffer Dillon

Field Crew Chief

Rob DiStefano

Analyst, Corporate

Travis Douglas

Project Engineer

Kim Droggos

Administrative Assistant

Djino Dulcio

Junior Field Crew Chief

Mario Echagarrua

Corporate Operations Analyst

Daryl Ellison

Senior Engineer Intern

Aaron Elswick

Urban Designer

Victoria Espinoza


Kelsey Flanigan

SUE Crew Chief

Matt Floyd

Project Surveyor

Kate Fontaine

VP, Administration

Melainee Foster

Executive Assistant

Kathy Fraser-Russo

Project Accounting Specialist

Leora Freire

Chief Legal Officer

Brett Fuller

Project Engineer

Sunshine Gorman

Creative Marketing Designer

Radek Grabowski

SUE Project Manager

Cole Graham

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Cory Green

Field Crew Chief

Carl Greene

Digital Print Production Coordinator

Mike Gregory

Senior Survey Technician

Greg Griffith

Environmental Lead for Transportation

Dan Groover

SUE Crew Chief

Edward Guerra Ruiz

Field Crew Chief

Erica Guertin


Bob Hanson

SVP, Geospatial

Rick Harman

Environmental Lead for Land Development

Shawn Harp

Survey Technician

Paul Harris

Instrument Operator

Dick Hasko

Field Engineer

Ashley Heclo

Instrument Operator

Ryan Held

Survey CAD Technician

Corey Hill

Project Engineer

Chris Holmes

Project Manager

Christina Hooker

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Bryan Jackman

Senior Designer

Steve Johnson

Junior Instrument Operator

Chad Johnson

Project Manager

Glenna Jones

Administrative Assistant III

Tim Jones

Technical Support Specialist

Rick Joseph

Senior Engineer Intern

David Kent

Chief Financial Officer

Garrett Kiesel

Senior Engineer Intern

Sasha Kishore

Senior Engineer Intern

Maryann Kwok

Principal Planner

Chris LaForte

Senior Project Manager

Monte Lambert

Senior Business Development Manager

Brian LaMotte

SVP, Chief Business Development Officer

Keegan Larson

VP, Transportation Operations Manager

Nathan Leach


Liz Lebron

Business Development Resources Coordinator

Lindsay Libes

Director, PLACE Operations

Cyndy Little

Corporate Administrator

Samantha Londono

Graphic Designer

Darryn Long

Engineer Intern

Bonny Loucks

Project Accounting Specialist

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SVP, Chief Business Development Officer


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