Electrical Engineering

Building and infrastructure owners and operators need energy-efficient facilities to keep costs low and to protect the environment. Our electrical engineering experts can help you achieve your energy goals. We have worked with the biggest companies in the nation, and can tackle your electrical engineering needs.


Requisite Expertise

WGI has the requisite knowledge, expertise, and relationships to make your development goals a reality.

Comprehensive Development

We work closely with our clients to reach consensus and resolution regarding critical decisions that would otherwise impede progress.

High Profile Projects

Our engineers work to provide tried-and-true, comprehensive development services for residential, commercial, and industrial projects.

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Marc Remmert

Director, MEP Engineering


Looking to create eco-friendly, cost-effective spaces? Our top-tier electrical engineering professionals are eager to help! It’s time to empower your building and infrastructure dreams. Contact our team and let’s conquer your energy ambitions together!

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Project Manager, Mobility

WPB, Miami, Ft Lauderdale, or Tampa, FL


WPB, Tampa, Ft Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Orlando, FL, San Antonio, Austin, Houston, Texas, and Arlington, VA


Charlotte, NC

Drainage Lead

Orlando, Tampa, or WPB, FL

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Hurricane Hardening

The advantages of having a building or facility hardened are continual use, no loss of functionality of the building, and a decrease in insurance rates for storm and flood mitigation.

Employee Spotlight

Marc Remmert

Director, MEP Engineering


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