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Before you begin construction on a new project, you need quality land surveying services to protect your investment. Using advanced geospatial tools, our highly experienced land surveyors and engineers will provide you with the valuable data you need to accurately map and develop your land.


We might use mobile lidar to map a lengthy transportation corridor, hydrographic surveying to capture a detailed picture of an underwater environment, or photogrammetry to capture what only can be seen from an aerial perspective. By offering every available geospatial survey tool and the experts to operate them, WGI’s land surveying team provides clients with meaningful data that allows them to operate far more efficiently.

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WGI typically utilizes mobile lidar and aerial data acquisition to quickly and accurately gather information to meet relevant FAA guidelines.

Hydrographic Surveying

Our manned and unmanned vessels feature the latest hydrographic surveying equipment to rapidly and accurately provide underwater environment details that may affect navigation or construction.


Lidar allows WGI to collect millions of real-time 3D data points to complete an accurate, high-quality model of the physical environment.

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Learn how our geospatial team recently utilized vehicle-mounted mobile lidar, boat-based lidar, and sonar to collect data for the partial rehabilitation of a bridge.

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