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Combining Lidar & Multibeam Sonar

Learn how WGI’s geospatial experts leveraged static and boat mounted mobile lidar and sonar to collect high quality precision data from two distinct project sites.

WGI’s commitment to transforming how our world is envisioned, designed, and experienced is on display yet again through our Geospatial Divisions’ utilization of a combination of cutting-edge lidar and sonar detection technology, photogrammetry, modeling, visualization, and design tools!

WGI’s Mobile Lidar Expert, Christian Stewart, recently conducted data-gathering expeditions for several projects, fusing lidar & multibeam sonar technologies. Working alongside Coty Granger, a Project Manager for Hydrographic Surveying, our team hit the ground running, gathering data with the use of combined sensors.

Sebastian Inlet North Jetty

lidar and sonar

Notoriously known for its inaccessibility, North Jetty of Sebastian Inlet, FL, required the use of a self-registering static lidar system. Leveraging that device to collect high-resolution lidar & well-defined imagery, our team produced scans in under 3 minutes. The speed and thoroughness of the device allowed WGI’s Geospatial experts to effortlessly capture North Jetty’s erosion areas during low tide, a feat which was previously near-impossible to reach.

C51 Canal Sediment Trap

lidar and sonar
lidar scan

Meanwhile, at the C51 Canal Sediment Trap, Christian & Coty utilized multibeam and side-scan sonar in order to capture precision data sets. Alongside a mobile lidar system and a 72 MP Spherical Camera, the sensor combination enabled the capturing of exact topographic details both above & below the water, including high-resolution imagery of the project site.

Cutting-Edge Technology to Map the World

The data collected by our Geospatial team was nothing short of exceptional & proved to be immensely beneficial to our design team. Data that is collected quickly and accurately aid in the creation of sophisticated models that are critical to planning and designing infrastructure. Contact our team of geospatial experts today to discuss how our team’s innovative technology can help bring your next project to new heights!

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