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Sustainability, Resiliency, Adaptation

Resilient infrastructure equals resilient communities

Helping communities
prepare for weather-related events

An ever changing climate combined with aging infrastructure are creating real challenges for communities both coastal and inland. Flooding, wildfires, power cuts, and rising sea levels are not just outlier events, but are true challenges for public safety, economic development, and community equity. The professionals at WGI have the experience and the resources to build sustainability, resiliency, and adaptability into each of our clients' projects.

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In a typical year, the damage costs from extreme weather exceeds $50 billion

The increase in extreme weather due to climate change is putting Municipalities, private developers, and business owners at risk of significant damage and potential loss of life. Each year, hurricanes alone cause $28 billion in damage and 17 deaths, on average. According to the Congressional Budget Office, annual losses caused by other storm-related winds and flooding are expected to total $54 billion. Cities and towns that don’t take pre-emptive action to protect this vital infrastructure are often faced with disaster when hit by extreme storms.


Download our Storm Hardening Survival Guide and get in touch with one of WGI’s experts to ensure your vital assets are protected.


Riviera Beach Power Plant


SR 786 (PGA Boulevard) Reconstruction Design-Build SR 710 To C-18 Canal


Beach Renourishment – Dr. Von D. Mizell-Eula Johnson State Park

Gopher Tortoise Relocation - Wekiva Parkway Segment 6

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Engineers at WGI Offer Tips for Protecting Buildings From Hurricanes and Other Extreme Weather

 “Hurricanes and other extreme weather events have always been a fact of life for coastal communities, and with climate change, they are becoming increasingly frequent and destructive,” said Jeffrey Bergmann, Director of Specialty Structures with the engineering firm, WGI, Inc. “Every city and town, and every commercial and business development, should have a storm hardening plan to protect buildings and other key assets. The cost of not taking action is high, and constantly rising.”

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Jeff Bergmann

Jeff Bergmann

Senior Project Manager and Structural Engineer.


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