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Safety Program

We work safely, or we don’t work at all.

WGI's Commitment To Safety

“We demand a culture where every one of our associates is responsible for and accountable to each other to stop any unsafe act or condition in our work environments.”

Safety is one of our Core Values, so we live it every single day.

WGI strives for a zero-harm, no-injuries workplace as our primary goal at every location at which we work. WGI is committed to providing our associate team members with a safe and healthy work environment. Our commitment to safety includes our associates, customers, and those within the communities in which we work.

Our commitment is not only a compliance-oriented approach to safety; we are committed to a culture of safety and continuous improvement; we each take personal responsibility for our safety and the safety of our coworkers. Every day, WGI’s ultimate safety ambition is a zero-harm, no-injuries workplace.

Every job site injury is preventable

Every WGI Associate is encouraged to follow these primary actions to improve our safety culture while helping us achieve a zero-harm workplace:

Our Commitment To Safety

We believe all accidents are preventable and all hazards controllable. Working safely is a condition of employment at WGI. Safety is everyone’s responsibility. All associates are trained to safely perform their jobs prior to being assigned the task."

Measuring Our Results

We cannot manage what we don’t measure, so we use both leading and lagging indicators to gauge the effectiveness of our safety program.

Leading Indicators

Lagging Indicators

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