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WGI is an award-winning engineering firm.

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WGI’s landscape architects effortlessly merge cultural, architectural and natural elements to bring unique elements and charm to each project.

Our land surveyors use the latest technology to provide you with the most accurate models of your project’s physical environment and prevent unseen challenges.

Our MEP engineers help you save money with efficient mechanical, electrical, and plumbing designs for commercial developments, hotels, healthcare facilities, multi-family buildings and much more.

Our traffic engineers ensure that your project can be safely accessed by both pedestrian and vehicular traffic — even in the busiest neighborhoods.

Port St. Lucie Team

Jessica Baker

Survey Technician

Jeff Cyr

Project Manager

Hector Del Toro

Rod Person

Jason DuBose

Instrument Operator

Vincent LoVaglio

Junior Instrument Operator

Charles Porter

Project Manager

David Reyes

Instrument Operator

Jason SaeTang

Field Crew Chief

Richard Schwartz

Junior Instrument Operator

Phillip Tabaka

Professional Surveyor

Port St. Lucie Updates

TOD development tips

If You Build It, They Will Come — And Go

Don’t let your next TOD project flop. WGI has the top 10 site-design considerations for building residential housing near transit and the expert team to ensure your TOD project is a success!

Primed for Deliveries

Rapidly changing e-commerce trends and technologies mean big changes for land-use and infrastructure planning.

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Jim Sullivan

Geospatial Business Development Manager


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Talk To Our Leaders

Jim Sullivan

Geospatial Business Development Manager


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WGI supports its associates with meaningful opportunities for growth, strong benefits and perks, while we work collaboratively with clients and co-consultants to shape and improve communities.

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WGI is a dynamic organization with opportunities nationwide for engineers, land surveyors, landscape architects, environmental scientists, and architects.

Awesome Associates: Rick Harman (West Palm Beach)

Meet our Awesome Associate Rick Harman, an Environmental Project Manager in our West Palm Beach, Florida office.

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