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The next generation of future-ready streets.

Why Complete Streets+

For nearly 20 years, the Complete Streets movement has grown from a mission to support active transportation to an established design and engineering discipline delivering improved mobility, safety, economic, social, and environmental performance. Today, street design is at a literal and figurative crossroads. Unmet access, safety and sustainability goals require heightened attention. Emerging mobility trends and technologies are increasing demand for space on streets, along curbsides and within sidewalk space.

What is Complete Streets+ ?

Traditional Complete Streets Elements:

  • Multiple modes of transit
  • Safe, convenient access for users
  • Context-sensitive design solutions
  • Enhanced sense of place
  • Increased sustainability

Design for Emerging Needs & Trends

  • Data strategies to define & measure success
  • Incorporation of technology & trends
  • Designing for flexibility & adaptation
  • New options for funding & finance
  • Enhanced stakeholder engagement

Performance Goals

Why take a Complete Streets+ approach?

Improved Performance:

  • Bike traffic increased 43% after two Minneapolis streets added bicycle lanes, total vehicle crashes decreased, traffic efficiency was maintained, and parking revenues remained consistent.

  • Conversion of four-lane undivided roadways to three-lane cross-sections in typical Iowa towns reduced crash frequency by 25% and crash injuries by 34%.

  • Bike-commuting workers use 32% fewer sick days, have 55% lower health care costs, and report 52% more productivity.

  • In Portland, Oregon, people who traveled to a shopping area by bike spent 24% more money there than those who traveled by car.

Complete Streets+

delray parking study

City of Delray Beach Parking and Curbside Management Study

Westgate Avenue Corridor Streetscape Plan

Complete Streets

Banyan Boulevard from Australian Avenue to Flagler Drive

Delray FEC Promenade

Complete Services
for Complete Streets

Complete Street Traditional Services

  • Survey & Geospatial
  • Mobile Scanning
  • Utilities
  • Network Design
  • Urban Design
  • Streetscape Design
  • Temporary Traffic Control / Phasing
  • Traffic Engineering
  • Transit/TOD
  • Parking Planning
  • Bike/Pedestrian Planning
  • Health Impact Assessment
  • Economic Plans
  • Traffic Studies

Complete Streets + Services

  • New Mobility
  • Funding/Grants
  • Policy Development
  • Mobility-as-a-Service
  • ITS/Data Analytics
  • Micromobility Plans
  • Demonstration Projects
  • Mobility Roadmaps
  • Scenario Planning
  • Pilot Project Design
  • Planning for E-Commerce
  • Curbside Management
  • FlexPark™

Making It Happen

  • Complete Street Master Plans
  • Transportation Plans
  • Comprehensive Plans
  • Sector and Small Area Plans
  • Campus Plans
  • Grant Applications & Funding
  • Safe Routes to School
  • Vision Zero Plans
  • Fast Action Roadmaps
  • Open Streets Projects
  • Quick Build
  • Workshops

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...the next generation of future-ready streets

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Angela Biagi
Angela Biagi
Director, Urban and Community Planning

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