Banyan Boulevard from Australian Avenue to Flagler Drive

City of West Palm Beach
West Palm Beach, Florida

Project Description

Serving as the main access road to federal, state, and local offices, Banyan Boulevard also functions as a gateway into downtown West Palm Beach for many government employees and residents. The corridor provides access to the waterfront and a connection to the heart of the downtown entertainment district. The goal of this corridor redevelopment was to create a vibrant street and a downtown gateway, prioritizing pedestrians and cyclists, and designed with alternative mobility infrastructure, as well as safe accommodation of automobiles.

Typical roadway sections were developed to transform the corridor into a bicycle and pedestrian-friendly link while adhering to current Florida Design Manual standards and meeting an acceptable level of service based on adopted criteria. The recommended typical section incorporates a raised protected cycle track for the length of the corridor. This alternative protects cyclists from vehicular conflicts and reduces the width of pavement which lends itself to slower driving speeds. The use and placement of the canopy trees creates a sense of enclosure and visual order which is currently lacking. Due to the urban setting, soil cells installed underneath the sidewalk were a key component to the overall design and ensure the canopy trees would have enough soil and water to thrive. Bioswales planted with native groundcover were used to alleviate drainage issues throughout the corridor. This design will reinvent Banyan Boulevard as a corridor prototype for multi-mobility in the City.

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