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Earth Day 2021: Sustainability, Resiliency, and Adaptation

How WGI is working to ensure a healthy and viable environment by embracing sustainability, resiliency, and adaptation (SRA).
Sustainability, Resiliency, Adaptation

Today, WGI celebrates Earth Day as a reminder of how much has been accomplished — and how much more we must still do to protect and preserve our only home. Please accept Earth Day best wishes to WGI associates, clients, and all advocating for progress and meeting human needs using sustainable approaches — protecting and preserving water and natural resources essential to our health and prosperity.  Earth Day is a true grassroots movement; citizens calling for a better future and recognition of the imperative of avoiding irreversible harm to our planet through effective policies, education, and incentives.

The original Earth Day catalyst was the powerful image broadcast on national news of Cleveland’s Cuyahoga River burning. It silenced any denial that something must be done. That purpose remains just as critical as it did those 51 years ago, when the nation’s university campuses organized for environmental activism. Today, events are taking place in 184 countries. It is an opportunity to celebrate the many successes and bind the world together to address unmet challenges.

Environmental activists at the global youth climate summit led by Earth Uprising. Image provided by Earthday.org.

At WGI, we do our part through Outcome-Oriented approaches, recognizing that each solution delivered may result in more-expansive advancements and benefits. We work to ensure positive amplification of results for our communities, clients, and stakeholders. We do so by looking at every problem and potential solution through a lens of sustainability, resiliency, and adaptation (SRA).

  • Sustainability to optimize conditions for human development and nature at the intersection of environmental, economic, and social systems
  • Resiliency to address the changing circumstances where the built environment finds itself so that communities, infrastructure, and enterprise can recover more quickly, at less cost, when unforeseen events overwhelm prior designs
  • Adaptation so we spend less time and money reacting to disruptive events, and ensuring that forward-looking investment in people, places, and infrastructure creates preferred futures

At WGI, every day is Earth Day. We, and the clients who enable and trust us to apply our knowledge and skills, exist to continually advance human potential while better ensuring a heathy and viable environment. Our progress forward requires that the future of the Earth and its ecosystem — upon which we depend — are restored and protected as we evolve.

Contact our team of experts today to see how we can assist you with sustainability, resiliency, and adaptation.

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