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Event Recap: 19th Annual TAWWA/WEAT Scholarship Dinner and Fundraiser

WGI’s San Antonio Public Works team recently participated in and was a Platinum Sponsor for the 19th annual TAWWA/WEAT Scholarship Dinner where WGI’s rising stars were recognized for their achievements!

On the evening of December 6th, the water/wastewater community gathered at the Witte Museum for the 19th Annual TAWWA/WEAT Scholarship Dinner and Fundraiser. Hosted by the Texas American Water Works Association (TAWWA) and the Water Environment Association of Texas (WEAT), the event celebrated academic achievements, fostered networking, and highlighted the industry’s commitment to education.


WGI was proud to be a part of this special event as a Platinum Sponsor, contributing financial support for the scholarships and fortifying the bonds within the water/wastewater community. The sponsorship package included ten priority seats, the prominent display of WGI’s logo throughout promotional materials, and a dedicated company slide during the event’s social hour. WGI’s investment reflected a deep dedication to nurturing the educational and professional growth of future leaders in the industry.

WGi table

At the heart of the event, WGI’s table emerged as a hub for collaboration, hosting not only dedicated WGI employees but also esteemed representatives from key client groups. Among those in attendance were partners such as the San Antonio Water System (SAWS), the City of Fair Oaks Ranch, the San Antonio River Authority (SARA), and the City of Alamo Heights. This gathering of esteemed industry individuals only further exemplified WGI’s commitment to fostering connections and strengthening relationships within the water/wastewater sector.

SA Team

Key Contributors from WGI

  1. Simone King, EIT (Senior Graduate Engineer) – Sponsorship Chair (3rd Year): Simone played a pivotal role in ensuring the success of the event. As the Sponsorship Chair for the third consecutive year, Simone leveraged industry relationships to secure over $85,000 in sponsorships, and resulted in a remarkable $45,000 in scholarships for college students. Beyond financial contributions, Simone was instrumental in crafting marketing materials, shaping the event theme, and aiding in the selection of the event menu and décor.
  2. Joshua Allen, PE (Engineer) – WEAT Treasurer (1st Year): As the newly appointed WEAT Treasurer, Joshua demonstrated his financial acumen by tracking and overseeing all financial transactions and fundraising efforts within the organization. His dedication ensured the smooth financial operation of the event.
  3. Elizabeth De Leon (Intern) – 2023 Scholarship Winner & Recipient Since 2021: Elizabeth, an intern at WGI for the past 2 years, not only received a scholarship but also took center stage as the subject of the 2023 Student Scholarship Highlight video produced by the IMG studio. Notably, she has been a recipient of the scholarship since 2021. Shot at WGI’s new San Antonio office, the video, which can be viewed below, featured Elizabeth and other Public Works team members, showcasing the vibrant atmosphere and collaborative spirit of WGI. Additionally, Elizabeth will be joining WGI’s San Antonio Public Works after her Spring 2024 graduation.
  4. Sarah Hinojosa (Intern) – 2023 Scholarship Awardee: Sarah, another intern at WGI’s San Antonio’s Public Works team and first-time recipient of this scholarship, played a crucial role as a scholarship awardee, contributing to the success of the event and embodying the spirit of excellence that WGI strives to cultivate. She’s also been a critical part of the San Antonio Public Works team’s sustained success and continued growth, taking on projects while juggling a full school schedule.
Left: Sarah Hinojosa; Right: Elizabeth De Leon

As the night unfolded, the 19th Annual TAWWA/WEAT Scholarship Dinner and Fundraiser became a testament to the collaborative spirit, commitment to education, and vibrant community within the water/wastewater sector.

WGI’s active participation and sponsorship underscored its dedication to supporting initiatives that empower the next generation of professionals in the industry. As we reflect on this memorable evening, it’s evident that WGI stands at the forefront of fostering excellence and building lasting connections within the water and wastewater community.

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