Event Recap: WGI’s 9th Annual Thought Leaders Breakfast

On October 9th 2023, WGI hosted its 9th Annual Thought Leaders Breakfast at the Palm Beach Convention Center in West Palm Beach, FL.

After a brief hiatus, WGI was thrilled to announce the return of their Annual Thought Leaders Breakfast, hosting over 100 clients, associates, and friends for the 9th rendition of the event held in West Palm Beach, FL. Attendees from across the state gathered to network and engage in this year’s highly anticipated theme, City Adaptability!

thought leader breakfast

City Adaptability has proven to be a key component in shaping the future of our cities and communities. And in a world of constant evolution, cities stand at the forefront of change.


In response, WGI, in collaboration with Columbia University’s Global Leaders in Construction Management (GLCM), has introduced the City Adaptability Index™.

This innovative tool offers cities – both big and small – a unique opportunity to measure their adaptability in ensuring that they remain resilient and agile in the face of ongoing challenges and opportunities.


The topic of City Adaptability presented a more than perfect opportunity to be featured as the key theme of this year’s event, with The City Adaptability Index™ offering cities more than just a tool—but a guide to their future.

It encapsulates the essence of what makes a city truly adaptive to continuous change and disruption by providing a comprehensive framework tailored to the diverse needs of cities around the globe.


WGI was honored to be joined by a number of talented and diverse speakers at this year’s event, which featured City Commissioner Rob Long of Delray Beach, FL, Chief Resilience Officer Jennifer Jurado of Broward County, FL, and Owner and President of Sand to Sound Consulting, Chris Pettit.

These thought leaders proved truly influential, as they acted in pivotal roles throughout discussions around the ability of cities to rapidly respond to change and disruption with the flexibility to continuously optimize on a whim.

city adaptability

We want to take a moment to thank everyone who was able to attend this incredible event, and we look forward to seeing you next year for the 10th rendition of WGI’s Annual Thought Leaders Breakfast!

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