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Event Recap: Construction Career Days 2024

With over 2,300 students encompassing 58 schools and 18 Northeast Florida counties, our team at WGI was thrilled to engage with the next great generation of professionals in engineering and construction at the 11th annual Construction Career Days held in Jacksonville, FL!

Established in 1999 to address the increasing demand for skilled construction workers, Construction Career Days (CCD) stands as a nationwide educational initiative with the mission of familiarizing students with the diverse array of career paths within the construction and engineering sectors.

These CCD events span nearly all 50 states and offer immersive, hands-on experiences not typically found in the classroom. Thanks to partnerships with prominent industry entities such as the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and the Federal Highway Administration, CCD has significantly influenced countless aspiring engineers over its two-decade tenure.

This year, WGI proudly participated in the 11th annual rendition of CCD in Northeast Florida – With dedicated WGI associates volunteering their time to offer students captivating construction and engineering activities, including the popular bucket truck demonstrations!


WGI representatives served as guides at this year’s event, leading student groups through various learning labs and career exhibits. Eliza Partington, one of WGI’seliza chaperones, commended the company’s involvement, highlighting its geospatial exhibit and active role in inspiring the next generation of professionals in engineering and related fields, stating:

WGI was well-represented at Northeast Florida Construction Career Days, with a WGI geospatial exhibit, chaperones, and a member of the organizing team. It’s exciting to know that WGI is playing an active role in inspiring the next generation of dynamic professionals to work in engineering, geospatial, and other construction-related industries”

Over two days, the event welcomed over 2,300 students from FDOT’s District 2, encompassing 58 schools and 18 counties in Northeast Florida, with contractors showcasing heavy machinery, and allowing students to experience operating equipment like excavators firsthand.


But that’s not all! WGI associates also proudly presented at Jacksonville’s inaugural transportation industry hiring event, dubbed “Road to Your Future.

This groundbreaking event marked FDOT’s first-ever on-site hire, drawing in more than 400 eager area students.

Kaitlyn Pelletier and Gilberto Claudio lead WGI’s lidar technology ‘Learning Lab’

Kaitlyn Pelletier, a dedicated CCD volunteer who has participated in the event over the past three years, spearheaded WGI’s learning lab, which introduced students to the exciting and innovative world of lidar technology. Reflecting on her experience, Kaitlyn emphasized the importance of exposing high school students to diverse career options early on, citing her own journey of discovering surveying and geospatial careers after starting college.

“When I was in high school in Broward County, we never had the opportunity to experience any sort of career day. You were expected to either know what you wanted to do with your future career or you were going into the military. Having a career day, especially a construction career day, would have been truly beneficial growing up. To know about a career that may not need a college degree or would require less schooling would have been a game changer.

Introducing high school students to our profession is very important, every group has one or two students that were very interested in the field and want to learn more about it and hopefully this event will attract them to our profession.”

WGI remains committed to nurturing the future generation of engineers, recognizing their pivotal role in shaping communities for generations to come.

Be The Change You Seek!

Do you need a change? Are you interested in helping inspire and educate future engineers? Then check out our careers page to see what new opportunities await you here at WGI!

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