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Intern Spotlight: A Day In The Life of Isabella Enriquez

Curious what the day in the life of a WGI intern looks like – well wonder no more. Meet Isabella Enriquez, a Planning Intern based in our West Palm Beach corporate office!

At WGI, we ignite passion through our dynamic and competitive paid internship program designed exclusively for college students across the nation. Our summer internship program is designed to create a comprehensive learning atmosphere that enriches academic studies through practical and dynamic involvement. Interns have the opportunity to work closely with industry leaders across various fields, such as civil engineering, environmental services, surveying, planning, landscape architecture, structural engineering, and more!

Meet Isabella Enriquez, a talented Planning Intern at WGI. Born in Columbia and raised in Ft. Myers, Isabella’s journey to the East Coast of Florida and, ultimately, to WGI has been nothing short of inspiring. And having JUST graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Urban Design from Florida Atlantic University (FAU), the impact that Isabella has made throughout her internship has been truly remarkable.


Isabella’s budding interest in civil engineering led her to WGI to practice as a civil engineering intern. However, her passion for design and planning quickly came to light, leading her to transition to the Land Development team, where she now specializes in urban design.

Isabella has been a crucial aspect of various projects throughout her internship. Her keen eye for design and planning has resulted in innovative solutions and excellent contributions to our team.

Learning and Growth

Throughout her internship, Isabella has demonstrated remarkable growth, showcasing a natural knack for design and planning. Her ability to pivot and explore her true passion has not only contributed to the success of projects but has also solidified her commitment to the field.

Team Collaboration

Isabella’s collaborative spirit has shone through in her work with the Land Development team. Her interest and dedication to bringing projects to life through 3D renderings for clients have not only enhanced the team’s creative process but have also left a lasting impression on the entire team.

Isabella’s Insights

What motivated you to pursue an internship at WGI?

Isabella: “I was drawn to WGI’s reputation for innovation in urban design and planning. It felt like the perfect place to apply my skills and learn from the best in the industry.”

What has been the most rewarding aspect of your internship?

Isabella: “Definitely seeing my 3D renderings come to life. It’s incredibly satisfying to contribute to projects that make a tangible impact on the communities we serve.”

How has this experience contributed to your professional development?

Isabella: “I’ve honed my skills, discovered my true passions, and gained invaluable experience working with a talented and supportive team. It has set the foundation for my career in urban design.”

Any advice for future interns or students considering an internship in urban design?

Isabella: “Don’t be afraid to explore different facets of your field. Internships are a great opportunity to discover what truly ignites your passion.”

As Isabella Enriquez concludes her internship with WGI, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for her dedication, creativity, and invaluable contributions. We’re thrilled to announce that Isabella will be joining WGI full-time next year as a Site Planner & Designer, and we look forward to witnessing her continued success!

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