A Storied Career Comes to A Close: Gary Cudney Retires (Parking & Mobility May 2020)

Former Senior Vice President Gary Cudney was interviewed in May’s issue of Parking & Mobility Magazine about his career, his experience in parking, and how the parking industry has changed over the years.

Gary Cudney, former Senior Vice President of WGI’s Parking Solutions division, was featured in Parking & Mobility Magazine this month to discuss his career, the parking industry, and what he sees in the future. Cudney worked in the parking industry with over 36 years of experience.

Cudney goes into depth about his career in parking and how much it has changed over the years. He stated “The growth of technology has also been a big change… When I started, we didn’t even have computers on our desks. Now, our iPhones have greater technology by far than our first PCs.”

Cudney also talks about how his clients are better served by WGI, since it is a larger, multi-disciplinary firm that is committed to providing technology-based solutions.

We have more capabilities to pursue interesting and complex work because now we can do the whole mixed-use building, not just the parking.

If you’d like to read more about Gary Cudney and his insight on the parking industry, click the link below:

Parking & Mobility Magazine – A Storied Career Comes to A Close: Gary Cudney Retires (PDF)

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