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N. Sunlake Blvd Project Spotlight: Remarkable Infrastructure Development Improvements — A Game-Changer for Pasco County

WGI’s North Sunlake Blvd project demonstrates an unwavering commitment to providing the necessary infrastructure, crucial utilities, and multi-modal access for the residents of Pasco County, with an emphasis on remaining environmentally conscious every step of the way.

Introducing N. Sunlake Blvd.

The infrastructure of this project was a true success story for private & public partnerships, and played a vital role in accelerating the design and construction of N. Sunlake Blvd., which served as a critical element for maintaining momentum during the development of the Angeline master-planned community.

Angeline, a new local 6,200+ acre mixed-use community is the epicenter of this newly developed area. Angeline features high-tech, energy-efficient, single-family units, villas, townhomes, and multifamily housing options for current and future residents.

sunlake roundabout

WGI provided a multitude of infrastructure improvement services for this project, including a four+ mile north-south connection off of SR-52 intersecting with Ridge Rd., aided in the design and construction of nine low-level bridges and a new four-lane roadway that provides ample space for bikers and pedestrians, as well as the installation of three new pressurized water distribution main’s to service the surrounding developments.sunlake project map

Multi-modal Access & Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainable & environmentally conscious design efforts were evident in every aspect of project planning. Providing multi-modal access while also minimizing any potential impacts to the surrounding wetlands and wildlife was also a priority.

Our experts went the extra mile by not only focusing on roadway improvements but also ensuring the availability of utilities that cater to the needs of the entire area.

sunlake low bridge
Bridge No. 5, located within the North Pasco (Starkey) to Connerton Ecological Corridor, was constructed approximately 25 feet above ground, adhering to local wildlife regulations that require 10-ft of dry vertical clearance.

The addition of nine new low-level bridges and a four-lane roadway will seamlessly connect the community while respecting the natural flow of the surrounding wetlands.3D rendering

Throughout the construction of these bridges, our geospatial team was able to utilize a breakthrough technology that included a state-of-the-art aerial data mapping, to inspect the bridges and roads to support the developments’ transportation infrastructure networks, reducing maintenance costs, increasing network capacity, life span, and safety.

Our team also assisted in the development and installation of three uniquely designed pressurized utilities that will service the local campus and community. This cutting-edge approach ensures that critical water resources remain stable and reliable for all residents.

sunlake straightaway
WGI designed, detailed, and permitted a network of unpaved haul routes around the site, that provide access to adjacent roadways and surrounding residential/commercial developments.

A major intersection with Ridge Road was also successfully implemented, reducing travel time and improving traffic flow for both commuters and locals.

WGI aided Pasco County in the approval process for a local funding agreement with the FDOT – District 7 for the intersection improvements at SR 52 and N. Sunlake Blvd.

sunlake low bridge
The N. Sunlake Blvd project accommodates pedestrians with the addition of multi-modal amenities, including new bicycle lanes, sidewalk additions, and multi-use pathways.

These intersection improvements will add a full median opening, eastbound and westbound turn lanes, pedestrian improvements, additional lighting, and provisions for a future traffic signal.

sunlake roundabout

With significant progress made thus far, we encourage development experts everywhere to enjoy the emergence of the Angeline community in our N. Sunlake Blvd. project flythrough video below!

A Win for Pasco County

Our team’s continued success and efficiency throughout this project was evident in their quality of deliverables, ability to meet deadlines, and acquisition of permits which led to executing six additional substantial contracts for the same client.

Three years ago, Angeline was still merely an idea – a planned development – but today, additional housing units are under construction, a new school is underway, and N. Sunlake Blvd. Segments 1–3 near completion. Residents and visitors alike will benefit from WGI’s revolutionary approach, giving Pasco County the connection, safety, and sustainability it needs to thrive for years to come.

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