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Project Spotlight: Kansas City International Airport – New Terminal Parking Structure

Say hello to the future of parking solutions with the Kansas City International Airport’s new, state-of-the-art, 6,500-space parking structure!

Planning for Tomorrow’s Parking Solutions Today

The Kansas City International Airport has recently welcomed an exciting new era for domestic & international travelers alike with the reveal of a new state-of-the-art parking structure to accompany the opening of the airport’s newest terminal!

Kansas City International Airport - New Terminal Parking Structure (Image 1)

WGI was thrilled to collaborate with the Kansas City Aviation Department’s (KCAD)  parking operations team during the program-verification phase of the new seven-level, 6,500-space parking structure.

In this phase, our team analyzed the airport’s historical parking and enplanement data, building a custom parking-utilization model in order to verify parking demand for strategic milestone dates.

Through our proven planning process, our team then leveraged the data, merging historical data and predictive analytics based on other transportation modes, particularly the Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) — e.g., Uber, Lyft, etc. The final piece of our planning efforts? Recommending future-proofing tactics to provide operational flexibility as autonomous vehicles enter the market!

Functional Design to Stand the Test of Time

Furthermore, our team of experts also worked with the KCIA parking operations team to define the garage’s parking performance goals, which directly influenced the extent of our design in order to ensure that the design requirements were future-proof.

To achieve this, WGI consulted on parking operations and scenario planning for various modes of operation, as well as provided futureproofing design elements through FlexPark™ – our proprietary design approach.

Kansas City International Airport - New Terminal Parking Structure (Image 2)

Our team then employed tactics such as strategic ramping locations, multiple ingress and egress portals, column grid spacing conducive to future ConRAC space, and added a mezzanine level with adaptive-reuse capabilities. Lastly, to improve the passenger’s journey experience, we integrated the arrival and departure commercial lanes and the required curb management of TNCs and valet into the garage’s footprint.

The result? A modern & innovative parking structure design poised to stand the test of time!

The WGI Difference

The planning & design of a state-of-the-art parking structure, such as the one revealed at the KCI airport, is no small feat. That’s why WGI was honored to provide a suite of parking solutions services for the project, such as:

At WGI, we don’t just have ideas for parking. We have solutions for people.

Ideas for parking. Solutions for people.

Cutting Edge Results, You Can Count On

Our Parking Solutions Division offers a comprehensive range of services, including structural engineering, functional design, master planning, feasibility & financial studies, architecture, design-build, restoration & preservation, & technical assessment. And better yet, our experts are here to help you anticipate & plan appropriately for future changes in the parking structure construction market.

But don’t take our word for it – put our industry-leading experts to the test! Contact our team to elevate your next parking project to unforeseen heights & brace yourself for the future of parking solutions!

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