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Webinar Recap: Innovations in Lidar Mapping

Join WGI’s VP of Remote Sensing Operations, Brian Mayfield, CP, GISP, SP, GIS, to uncover the key differences between various lidar vehicles, with a special emphasis on the introduction of a groundbreaking fixed-wing platform that significantly enhances data acquisitions across the board!

In the most recent installment of our Webinar Series, Brian Mayfield, CP, GISP, SP, GIS, WGI’s VP of Remote Sensing Operations, educates viewers on the key differences between various lidar vehicles, with a special emphasis on the introduction of a groundbreaking fixed-wing platform that drastically enhances data quality within conventional airborne methodologies. Through insightful case studies, we’ll delve into the precision and automation potential for feature extraction from dense point clouds achieved through this advanced approach.

Since its inception in the 1960s, light detection and ranging systems, better known as lidar, have been an essential technology utilized by professionals in the world of Geospatial + Land Surveying. However, as with any innovative technology, lidar has undergone significant advancements over the years.

Terrestrial Mobile Lidar and Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) have revolutionized the game, offering unparalleled pulse densities, accuracy, and feature detection capabilities. As a result, the once-standard use of Fixed-Wing Aerial Lidar solutions has become something of a lost art, leaving industry professionals to wonder what’s next.

At WGI, our Mission is Simple: to empower you with the ability to choose the optimal tool for each & every project – Whether it’s FWAL, TML, UAS, or traditional survey methods, we have the expertise & resources to provide you with the ideal solution to meet any need.


If you were unable to attend our live webinar or or are curious about how our experts can deploy our state-of-the-art technology for your next project, check out a full video recap of the webinar session, and get informed on this critical innovation in surveying technology by gaining a better understanding of the following:

  • The advantages of alternate approaches to airborne lidar data
  • A comparative analysis of airborne data collection approaches
  • The achievable accuracies from FWAL (Fixed Wing Aerial Lidar)
  • Approaches to yield automated or semi-automated feature extraction from lidar data

Are you interested in unlocking access to exclusive case studies and exploring the cutting-edge lidar technologies that are shaping the future of survey and mapping activities across the nation?

Check out this FREE whitepaper for a wealth of information on this essential process: Innovations in Lidar Mapping for Transportation Infrastructure

Contact WGI’s Geospatial + Land Surveying professionals today to ensure unmatched accuracy and efficiency – We’re standing by to discuss how WGI’s innovative solutions can be applied to your next project… helping you save time and money!

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