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Webinar Recap: Reducing the Risk of Developing Risky Sites 2024

Leave risky site development in 2023… Equip yourself with the tools & expertise needed to ensure your next development project is a success!

Managing Risk & Maximizing ROI Through Strategic Environmental Due Diligence

In the most recent installment of our Webinar Series, Mike Fisher, PG, CEP, WGI’s Environmental Lead for Remediation, delves into strategies for minimizing the risk associated with developing potentially hazardous sites. The session explores the significance of avoiding potential hazards during the early stages of development, emphasizing the substantial impact this can have on maximizing returns for developers navigating today’s dynamic real estate market.

Within the context of Commercial Real Estate, due diligence stands as the crucial process through which a prospective buyer thoroughly assesses a potential land acquisition. The key practices of accounting/financing, legal, and environmental conduct retrospective reviews aimed at identifying liabilities that a potential buyer aims to avoid.

In urban, suburban, and even marginal rural communities, locating well-positioned property free from historical use and activities with environmental impact has become increasingly challenging.

The discussion centers on the approach of conducting Strategic Environmental Due Diligence, wherein a prospective purchaser adopts a risk-management strategy for property acquisition. The session explores how Strategic Environmental Due Diligence elevates the investigation and evaluation process, assessing risks related to planned development, calculating associated costs, and integrating those costs into the overall Return on Investment (ROI).

risky sites

If you were unable to attend our live webinar or want to gain a better understanding of the importance of Strategic Due Diligence, check out a full video recap of the webinar session, and get informed on this critical process by learning the following:

  • Employing the Strategic Due Diligence Process from M&A to Property Acquisition
  • Developing a Conceptual Site Model as a Part of the Due Diligence Process
  • Cost-Effectively Managing the Risks to Realize the Target ROI
  • Using Economic and Risk Management Incentives of Regulatory-Driven Programs

Interested in obtaining more information regarding how a Strategic Due Diligence Plan can help you manage risk & make well-informed investments?

Check out this FREE whitepaper for a wealth of knowledge on this essential process: Reducing the Risk of Developing Risky Sites

Contact WGI’s Environmental Engineering professionals today to ensure that you’re positioned to yield the highest ROI potential on your next site acquisition!

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