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WGI Becomes a Founding Corporate Member of Smart City Works Venture Studio

This partnership expands WGI’s innovation sector and is directly aligned with the vision of “creatively transforming how our world is envisioned, designed, and experienced.”

WGI is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Smart City Works Venture Studio (SCWVS). Headquartered in West Palm Beach, WGI is a nationwide leader in providing technology-based solutions for the planning and design of public infrastructure and private land development projects.

The Smart City Works Venture Studio is designed to identify the key trends and opportunities in infrastructure where technology and associated innovative processes can make a difference in how infrastructure is developed, deployed, and maintained in terms of quality, accessibility, cost, and sustainability.  That is directly aligned with WGI’s vision of “creatively transforming how our world is envisioned, designed, and experienced.”

According to Gregory Sauter, President of WGI,

“We continue to lead in the development, adoption, and integration of emerging technologies. This will provide WGI line-of-sight into technologies and solutions that we can integrate into our processes, and as part of our suite of solutions. We are constantly scanning the innovation horizon for emerging technologies for adoption, partnerships, and acquisitions. The studio model helps accelerate advancement and reduces our risk of adoption. This alliance will focus on the very execution risks that cause many startups to fail, and will augment our insight into relevant innovation and strengthen our pipeline of acquisition and investment targets.”

Tim McManus, Head of the Smart City Works Venture Studio Board of Advisors, and former McKinsey VP of Capital Projects said,

“I agree with Greg. As corporations and agencies alike realize the vast gains digital transformation can provide, the ecosystem created by Smart City Works Labs and Smart City Works Venture Studio offer them insights, access to innovation, talent-development opportunities, and exposure to proven methods and best practices that can make a big impact.”

WGI continues to advance its technology portfolio, recently announcing the acquisition of Streamline Technologies, Inc. (Streamline) by WGI Ventures, LLC., the venture arm of WGI, Inc. Streamline is a leader in water modeling and developer of tools supporting WGI’s focus and commitment to advanced digital tools, resilience, and sustainability.

The Smart City Works Actuator Program will complete its eighth cohort later this year, and the Smart City Works Venture Studio is expected to begin operations with its first three startups in 2022.

Click here to read the full press release with media contact information.

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