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The purpose of WGI’s Annual Thought Leaders Breakfast is to bring clients, community leaders and elected officials together to network and discuss an infrastructure topic that affects us all. We bring together a panel of WGI, regional and national experts with a theme presenting diverse and provocative perspectives on the topic.

WGI’s 7th Annual Breakfast was, by far, the most well received and fun event to date. To make a significant and lasting impact on attendees of the event, we created a clever twist on the topic that would be entertaining and memorable. Its theme – “The Intersections: The Impact of Autonomous Vehicles on Urban Design, Parking, and Infrastructure” – lent itself to a universally relatable, ‘futuristic” travel mode. We integrated the iconic 1960s cartoon, “The Jetsons,” to demonstrate the advancements of autonomy –an engaging way to show what we thought our future held then, and what our industry envisions now.

We marketed our annual event across multiple platforms, including social media, an animated “save-the-date” eblast and invitation, giveaway posters, and custom table-tent cards, and take-home notebooks. We also illustrated the expert panelists into a custom cartooned version of themselves. An animated video of the speakers flying in an autonomous car – a la the opening of “The Jetsons”– was projected on loop as attendees entered the room – many of whom, with excitement, captured the engaging animation with their personal devices and posted to their own social channels. Attendee enthusiasm, during and after the event, was a key indicator of our success.



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