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WGI’s professionals got down and dirty for some hands-on learning at one of our ongoing public works projects in San Antonio, TX!

Exciting developments are underway at WGI’s SAWS East & West Package 2 – Open Cut project in San Antonio, TX! Our local experts, tasked with removing & replacing 1,100 Linear Feet of 48″ sanitary sewer pipe, have been hard at work executing and delivering on this ongoing public infrastructure project.


The project marks marks a unique opportunity for WGI to work on a large-diameter sanitary sewer open-cut design project for the San Antonio Water System as part of their SSORP program. This project has allowed our team to use ongoing construction as a unique training opportunity for for several of our multi-disciplinary professionals that are based in San Antonio!

Six 12” bypass pumps (affectionately termed as “The Octopus”) were installed to convey up to 20 MGD of flow from the existing 48” sanitary sewer line to a parallel 66” sanitary sewer line.

But it’s not just about the construction itself; this incredible hands-on learning opportunity has provided our team with the chance to apply design concept into the world of heavy construction while sharing in a laugh as they snapped a photo or two from the inside of a few (almost) comically large pipes… not to mention the unique firsthand look that was provided into how our field team continues to help transform the communities in which we live, work, and play.


While this may be a public infrastructure project, WGI San Antonio has seized this opportunity to learn and teach by inviting colleagues of all disciplines to visit the site and observe construction in an effort to help enhance the constructability and technical understanding/expertise of each of our team members for future design applications.

Ongoing installation of tee-based FRP manholes and risers to accommodate flow associated with the new 48” FRP sanitary sewer main

Heeding the words of Confucius, “I hear & I forget. I see & I remember. I do & I understand,” WGI’s San Antonio team has used this compelling project as an opportunity to augment applied knowledge while truly enjoying the work that we do!

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