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Revved Up Recap: The 6th Annual Austin Office Project Bike Tour

Take a ride through just a few of WGI’s marvels in engineering with a recap of our sixth annual Austin project bike tour!
2023 WGI Austin Bike Tour

Pedaling through the heart of Texas, WGI’s sixth annual bike tour was a thrilling ride through some of the past, current, and future projects of WGI. Associates of WGI’s second-largest office, located in Austin, TX, took to the streets on two wheels, exploring the vibrant downtown area.

What better way to experience the city’s energy and get an up-close look at a few of WGI’s marvels in engineering than with a fun pedal-powered adventure?

Waterline site Austin, TX
Bike tour attendees gather at the site of Waterline to listen to project insights from Project Manager Amy Neskar as she discusses what it has been like to work on the “tallest tower in Texas.”

The rise of alternative mobility in Austin, TX, has truly materialized at WGI, with many associates ditching their cars in favor of a two-wheeled commute to work. And for associates who haven’t joined in on the biking bandwagon just yet, WGI has partnered with Barton Springs Bike Rentals since the conception of our annual bike tour to ensure that every associate has the opportunity to get involved. Thanks to this amazing local partnership, this year’s biking experience has never been easier or more accessible for our Austin associates.

RBJ Center Austin, TX
Long-time bike tour attendee and Market Leader, Civil Operations Joel Blok, talks to the group at the first project stop, RBJ Center.

The highly-anticipated bike tour is hosted by a few of our veteran associates who have been a staple of the tour since its inception. With seasoned knowledge, they curate an incredible route spanning approximately 6 miles, kick-starting from the Austin office on the east side of the city, taking riders under I-35 into downtown, and then looping back to our Austin office location. Each project stop was thoughtfully chosen, making for an unforgettable adventure.

WGI Austin Bike Tour 2023 - Waller Creek - The Confluence
Team members gather along Waller Creek to listen to Project Manager Katie Bolger as she gives an overview of what’s to come for The Confluence, the second phase of the Waterloo Greenway project within the Waller Creek District.

Project Managers took center stage in this year’s tour, sharing captivating insights into the projects they were directly involved with. They revealed juicy behind-the-scenes details and hidden/unique features that only insiders of each project would otherwise know. It was an eye-opening experience for all in attendance.

WGI Austin Bike Tour 2023 - Centro
Project Manager Siri Soth talks to attendees gathered at the site of the Centro project, a recently completed mixed-use facility in East Austin that blends historical inspiration with modern design.

The team also enjoyed a few pit stops at local watering holes, where they grabbed drinks and a bite to eat. These laid-back hangouts provided the perfect opportunity for team bonding and making connections outside of the office.

WGI Austin office on their bike tour
WGI team members and attendees enjoy a cold beverage together at one of the scheduled drink stops along the bike tour.

Our annual bike tour continues to be a cornerstone of the culture in our Austin office. It has brought together groups who may not otherwise interact and provides an opportunity for deeper cross-divisional relationships to form. This year, the bonds among colleagues were elevated to new heights, all while having a blast on two wheels.

WGI Austin Bike Tour 2023
Long-time bike tour attendees and organizers Siri Soth, Katie Bolger, Ashley Weldon, and Amy Neskar pose together for a photo during one of the bike tour beverage breaks.

With the opportunity to gain a firsthand view and deeper understanding of colleagues’ work, the experience has given our Austin associates a fresh perspective and fostered a renewed appreciation for the efforts put in at WGI each and every day. The annual tour is not only exciting but an insightful event, and this year’s event proved to be no different.

Check out our recap video below for a glimpse into what it’s like to attend our annual project bike tour!

Already picturing yourself on next year’s project bike tour? If so, go take a peek at our current openings on our careers page and take the next step toward advancing your career here at WGI!

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