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Build Back Stronger: How States and Cities are Recovering From COVID-19

Agility is key — Cities and states that rapidly plan and execute policy and infrastructure plans to uplift communities might be the first to recover. Learn how WGI can help.
Restaurant Outdoor Patio Retrofit

“It’s going to be a long slog, that will last into 2023 and longer for big cities.”
– Mark Zandi,  Chief Economist, Moody Analytics.

It’s not just a health crisis — the economic and social shock of the COVID-19 pandemic will affect cities and the built environment for years to come. The time for communities to start taking action is now. WGI can help.

Through the use of Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act funding, WGI has already helped municipalities across the country implement programs to make their cities more healthy and lively.

For example, we helped the City of Norfolk, Virginia launch OpenNorfolk – a boots-on-the-ground community assistance program that continues to assist local businesses while focusing on neighborhoods and communities. It included framework for outdoor programming, safe places for families and kids, and community activation. Click here to read more about OpenNorfolk.

With the help of WGI, small businesses are utilizing CARES Act funding to create safe outdoor seating areas for guests.

We also recently worked with the City of Farmers Branch, Texas on the OpenFB program to help local restaurants set up outdoor dining “parklets” to increase their capacity and safely welcome more guests.

OpenFB Pocket Catalog
Download this Pocket Catalog to see the strategies and some case studies about our work in Farmers Branch, Texas.

It is not just cities that are planning for recovery. States are launching large-scale planning efforts to revitalize downtowns and respond to the effects of COVID-19 on local businesses.

In Massachusetts, for example, the Mass Downtown Initiative (MDI) launched the Local Rapid Recovery Planning (LRRP) Program. The program matches cities and towns with consultant teams with expertise in effective strategies to stabilize business districts. Click here to learn more about that program.

Ready for Recovery?

Are you a state or local government and need help administering CARES Act funding? WGI’s experts have done this before, and we’re ready to assist you expand business opportunities for restaurants, implement wider sidewalks, install new bike lanes, and create outdoor classrooms.

Our talent and ability to work rapidly is making us a leader in COVID-19 recovery planning! Contact us today to speak with one of our team members.

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